Leather Challenge of the Month

My fellow Art Elements team member Lindsey Starr presented us with an exciting challenge using her unique leather cabochons. I chose one from a photo she posted then waited patiently for it to arrive. When it did, the first thing I saw was this-tire tracks on the envelope. Never a good sign. Fortunately, Lindsey knows how to package things well.  And send along lots of surprises!I wanted to do something different with this piece but couldn't decide what that would be. This is where serendipity took over. I set the piece down and when I came back to it a few days later noticed that it looked pretty good next to a pine needle basket I made awhile back. There would be no time to make a basket but I decided to make a piece of wall jewelry using pine needles.

I used epoxy glue to attach the cab to a piece of leather for the backing then stitched it onto the pine needle piece, which I made using Torey pine needles native to San Diego, 6mm brass beads and .5mm C-Lon cord.

I've added it to my collection of things that make me happy to look at and I think it looks great.

Thanks Lindsey for a great challenge this month. Your leather cabochons are both unique and inspiring!

Thanks for stopping by! Please check out the other Art Elements team members and guests who have participated in this challenge.



You had the same beautiful

You had the same beautiful wine colour as me, love how you finished yours :)

LOVE pine needle basket

LOVE pine needle basket weaving sand this is such a clever way to use the cab. The leather with the woven needles is just perfect!


What an awesome design, Cooky! Love that you used the Torrey Pines pine needles!

I look at the blogs in the

I look at the blogs in the order if the list... so I went to the guests for this COM challenge first.... and saw the beautiful piece made with pine needles. That was the first time I saw this use of pine needles ever... and now you also used them! Your piece looks beautiful. I have to say that this is one of my favorite COM challenges ever since all the made pieces seem to be so organic and tribal or mystical! :)

Beautiful design! I love your

Beautiful design! I love your stitching, it's just as beautiful from the back! Also love your things that make you happy to look at collection! :)

It looks fantastic with the

It looks fantastic with the rest of your collection - fits right in! How fantastic that multiple people used pine needles to accent the cab! I would never have come up with that, and they just work so perfectly with the leather. So impressed!


I love all of the original things made with these leather cabs. Now you can see it all the time!I am also fascinated that two people used pineneeldes. So cool.


I'd never heard of pine needles weaving before and with this challenge I came across it twice! I love the pattern and the cab makes it look like some original folk art. It certainly blends into your decor!


What a lovely piece and your stitching and pine needle work is amazingly neat!


I love that you had pine needles lying around. LOL. Its simple, sweet perfection - and so perfectly your style! Its also RV sized. Woot!

Gorgeous indigenous vibe

I love how you used the pine needles with the leather focal. Really gives it a nice indigenous vibe.

Looks Right At Place on Your Wall

I love your design. It reminded me of an ancient artifact from long ago. I like the use of the needles and the beads together. Great job.

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