New Idea Equals a Sleepless Night

A few days ago I received an unexpected surprise in the mail-a box of components made by two of my friends, Lesley Watt and Jenny Davies-Reavor. Some were made of ceramic, polymer clay and metal clay but the bronze metal clay goddess really spoke to me-loudly! Enough so that I couldn't sleep that night, creating in my mind.

I finally got up about 5 am, fueled by coffee and ready to tackle my idea. I pulled together my components: C-Lon cord, Pyrite beads and 6g bronze wire. I soldered the wire into a small circle then hammered it for texture. By this time the sun had come up over San Diego and in the daylight I realized that I had soldered brass wire, not bronze!


I decided to go with it but nixed the pyrite, just too many metals. I decided on some 3mm Jasper beads. After two days of false starts, I'm finally working on my goddess project!




So, what new idea or project keeps you awake at night?


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