Perfect COM-Hearts!

Hearts! The perfect February challenge created by Jenny Davies-Reazor, my Art Elements team mate. The photos she teased us with were fabulous and none of us could wait to receive our chosen heart. 

I chose a red heart to use as a pendant. As soon as I saw it, I knew how I would use it. 

I created a Romanian Point crochet lace cord. I used C-Lon .5mm cord and 4mm cube beads. I am very happy with the way this piece came together.

Thanks Jenny for presenting us with this heartfelt challenge! 

And thank you for stopping by. Please take a look at the pieces created by my fellow AE team members and our guests.

Art Elements team: 

Lindsay Starr

Laney Mead

Claire Fabian

Sue Kennedy

Diana Ptaszynski

Caroline Dewison

Lesley Watt

Jennifer Cameron

Cooky Schock

Niky Sayers

Cathy Mendola

Jenny Davies-Reazor


Rosantia Petkova

Shai Williams 

Sally Russick

Elaine Thornton


Lovely necklace Cooky ... and

Lovely necklace Cooky ... and that cord! Tutorial please????

Thanks so much!

Thanks so much!

Love that cord!! beautiful

Love that cord!! beautiful piece :)

Thanks Laney!!!

Thanks Laney!!!


Love this necklace! That cord is awesome-tutorial PLEASE!

Thanks Cathy! Hmmm-always a

Thanks Cathy! Hmmm-always a possibility.

Beautiful necklace

The intricate cord, the ornate cord ends and the gold color beads all complement the pendant so well, love this design!

Rosantia-Thank you!

Rosantia-Thank you!

I really love the lace cord

I really love the lace cord that looks like it must have taken hours to create and the cube beads are wonderful!

The cord is Gorgeous! I

The cord is Gorgeous! I haven't seen that style before, it looks fabulous with Jenny's heart!

Thanks Caroline!

Thanks Caroline!

Great pix

Ooh - I like it! And what great photo styling! Those are some fab cones/endcaps too!

You sure make that knotting stuff look lovely! It boggles my mind! Thanks for playing along! <3

Jenny- all your hearts were

Jenny- all your hearts were stunning! Thanks so much.

Loving that cord and lovely

Loving that cord and lovely necklace x

Thanks Elaine!

Thanks Elaine!


Oh Cooky I love this necklace so much!!! and the crocheted neck strap with the little gold beads is such a beautiful compliment to the heart pendant!! Beautifully done!!

Thanks Sally!

Thanks Sally!

LOVE the cord, Cooky - shows

LOVE the cord, Cooky - shows off the heart perfectly! And the bead choice is perfect!

Thanks Susan!

Thanks Susan!

A simple but lovely way to

A simple but lovely way to feature Jennie's heart

Thanks Mona!

Thanks Mona!

I love how the cord and cones

I love how the cord and cones seem to mirror the crackle texture on the heart, along with bringing the cube beads. They seem to go with the angles in the crackling, while the more organic cord mirrors the heart.

Lindsay-why, thank you!!!

Lindsay-why, thank you!!!

Perfect! I love it.

Perfect! I love it.

Thanks Karen!

Thanks Karen!

The crochet lace creates such

The crochet lace creates such a gorgeous texture, I need to look it up right now. It looks really great and complements the heart :)

I love your dolls. I always

I love your dolls. I always look forward to seeing what you are doing. I will be sure to check up on you here!

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