So, this is the first AJE challenge I am participating in and it's about trees. For most of my life I've been fascinated by trees, especially the pods they produce and the texture of their bark.

 California Pepper Tree 

Here in San Diego we have quite a variety of trees, including palm trees which are actually more fibrous than woody. Textures abound-smooth and thorny.

Crazy Tree Textures

The tree that has inspired my contribution to this challenge isn't actually classified as a tree but a shrub. It only looks like a tree in my yard because we let it do it's own thing and now it stand at about 12 feet tall! 

South African Fuschia

I chose this lampwork cab from Beaded Chic LLC because it reminds me of the brilliant orange flowers on my tree. I used my handy dandy Lucet to create a braided cord, did an open-back peyote bezel so the piece is double-sided, created beads from a branch and then sealed them.

Work in Progress

I'm using brass findings, branch beads and Carnellian chips to create the piece.


I'm still working on this piece, fine tuning it and I can't wait to have it completed!

Thanks for stopping by!


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I love how you use colour in

I love how you use colour in your work Cooky, it's a beautiful design! Thank you for joining me in the challenge!


I am always in awe of anyone who can use seed beads and fiber and you used both beautifully!

Wow, I love your work Cooky!

Wow, I love your work Cooky! I have to get a Lucet!! Love the glass cab you chose and the beading around it is just perfect. What really amazes me is the beads from the stick! What a clever idea.

What wonderful work.... You

What wonderful work.... You inspired me to make my own lucet and I will be playing with it this week....

What a great piece Cooky -

What a great piece Cooky - love all the techniques you've combined and the use of the twig beads is perfect. Great work.

Lovely design! Beautuful

Lovely design! Beautuful colours. Much work with seed beads and fiber.

Fabulous work, I love how you

Fabulous work, I love how you mix all the different elements!


Ok - thats too cool. Beads from your real tree. Hey - are you running wire through the lucent braid? Thats brilliant! I need to try that. And the open back bezel. You are making all the ideas poo into my head! So cool!

Love your braid, so cool!

Love your braid, so cool! And that Pepper Tree has amazing texture.

I'm not sure exactly what I

I'm not sure exactly what I am typing here because the text box is black as well as the font color. This may well be jibberish. Sorry in advance. Love the tree photos. Those thorns are way cool! I have many shrubs doing their own thing in my yard, too. First, I love the braided cord, and I have never heard of a lucet. Intriguing!love the cab and the colors. Your intricate work amazes me. The brass and carnelian is lovely. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.


I love your trees out there Cooky and your project is beautiful! I participated at the last minute:

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