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Sugar Skulls Challenge of the Month

Perfect challenge for this time of the year! Sugar skulls are everywhere here in San Diego because November 1 & 2 we celebrate Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Those who have gone before us are remembered with love, celebration, food and festivities.

Marigolds are the traditional flower of this special day, said to lead the souls of the departed back to their loved ones to celebrate at the ofrendas or altars, that have been created to honor them.


So, this is the first AJE challenge I am participating in and it's about trees. For most of my life I've been fascinated by trees, especially the pods they produce and the texture of their bark.

 California Pepper Tree 

Here in San Diego we have quite a variety of trees, including palm trees which are actually more fibrous than woody. Textures abound-smooth and thorny.