COM Blue Sparkle

 Jennifer Stout Cameron created these beautiful beads for Art Elements May Challenge of the Month. They were all fabulous and I'm glad she picked one for me because I would have had a very hard time deciding.

 I received my little beauty and knew exactly what I would create with it! This doesn't happen often but timing was right. I'm knitting a birthday present that needed a little bling and Jen's bead was just what I needed.

Idea That Worked!

The Art Elements COM for March is Amulet Bags presented by Cathy Spivey Mendola. I had an idea that I wasn't sure would work but it did! I wrote about it last week in the Art Elements blog: I started with some handspun yarn, iron on interfacing and a piece of cardboard.

I explained in the blog post how to create this fun project and ended with the teaser that the finished amulet bag would be revealed here. So here it is:

Thanks Cathy for presenting this challenge, it was great fun!

Perfect COM-Hearts!

Hearts! The perfect February challenge created by Jenny Davies-Reazor, my Art Elements team mate. The photos she teased us with were fabulous and none of us could wait to receive our chosen heart. 

I chose a red heart to use as a pendant. As soon as I saw it, I knew how I would use it. 

Leather Challenge of the Month

My fellow Art Elements team member Lindsey Starr presented us with an exciting challenge using her unique leather cabochons. I chose one from a photo she posted then waited patiently for it to arrive. When it did, the first thing I saw was this-tire tracks on the envelope. Never a good sign. Fortunately, Lindsey knows how to package things well.

Sugar Skulls Challenge of the Month

Perfect challenge for this time of the year! Sugar skulls are everywhere here in San Diego because November 1 & 2 we celebrate Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead. Those who have gone before us are remembered with love, celebration, food and festivities.

Marigolds are the traditional flower of this special day, said to lead the souls of the departed back to their loved ones to celebrate at the ofrendas or altars, that have been created to honor them.


So, this is the first AJE challenge I am participating in and it's about trees. For most of my life I've been fascinated by trees, especially the pods they produce and the texture of their bark.

 California Pepper Tree 

Here in San Diego we have quite a variety of trees, including palm trees which are actually more fibrous than woody. Textures abound-smooth and thorny.

New Idea Equals a Sleepless Night

A few days ago I received an unexpected surprise in the mail-a box of components made by two of my friends, Lesley Watt and Jenny Davies-Reavor. Some were made of ceramic, polymer clay and metal clay but the bronze metal clay goddess really spoke to me-loudly! Enough so that I couldn't sleep that night, creating in my mind.